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UAV hotspot detection

The latest Rural Fire Research Update (Update #12) describes research to develop methods for detecting smouldering hotspots using Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAVs). Hotspot detection has been done in the past either by hand or with the help of infrared (IR) … Continue reading

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Radio interview on extreme fire and climate change

Interest in wildfires and possible links with climate change is extremely high at present given the international wildfire situation, which includes devastating fires in Portugal, Greece, California and other parts of the world. Fire scientist Grant Pearce had the opportunity … Continue reading

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Smoke model testing using the 2015 Marlborough forest fires

The Scion Rural Fire Research team recently produced another Rural Fire Research Update glossy newsletter. Update #11 details testing of the BlueSky smoke modelling framework using three major forest fires that occurred in Marlborough during 2015. Smoke models are used … Continue reading

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