Scion smoke model predicts more Aus bushfire smoke for NZ

BSF Aus smoke

Scion has continued its development of the New Zealand BlueSky Framework smoke forecasting model.

In the latest runs, it predicts smoke from the Australia bushfires to impact NZ again over the next few days.

The purpose of the NZ BlueSky Framework is to warn people of smoke concentrations reaching harmful levels during wildfires or prescribed burns. The Framework is currently in its Beta version (meaning that it is still undergoing finetuning for the NZ environment), but it has already successfully been used during the Pigeon Valley wildfires in the Nelson region in February 2019, and now, during the Australian bushfires.

The figure above shows the Australian bushfire smoke predicted to impact NZ on 4 February at midday. The Google Earth animation below of the model’s output shows the smoke is forecasted to reach NZ intermittently over the next four days.

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