Funding for fire climate change research translation

closeburn-jamie-cowans-photo3.jpgPhoto: Homes amongst wilding trees in the Queenstown Red Zone (Credit: Jamie Cowan).

Scion was successful recently with a proposal to the Ministry for Primary Industry’s Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change (SLMACC) funding round.

The aim of this 18-month project is to enhance preparedness of New Zealand rural land owners, rural-interface communities and related agencies for future extreme fires by applying a physical climate science driven threat assessment to location-specific societal adaptation and mitigation best practice.

The project will utilise results from the latest wildfire risk climate change simulations being undertaken by Scion and research into landowners’ risk perception and preparedness for wildfires as well as other hazards. This will inform the co-design of guidelines with Fire and Emergency New Zealand for promoting individual landowner and community planning and actions to mitigate the identified risk of increased wildfires with climate change. The project will be based around a case study in the Queenstown Red Zone.

Ultimately, outcomes from the project will lead to better prepared and more aware government agencies, councils, landowners and residents living in high wildfire risk areas with improved access to appropriate adaption and mitigation practices.

For more information on the project, contact Lisa Langer.

             Photos: Homes in the Queenstown Red Zone threatened by the 2005 Closeburn wildfire                            (Credit: Jamie Cowan).

Workflow infographic

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