Updated versions of Fire Behaviour Toolkit available


This user-friendly software package incorporates the fuel and fire behaviour models developed by Scion’s Rural Fire Research group. The ‘NZ Fire Behaviour Toolkit’ is available in formats for PC, as well as Apple and Android smart devices. Versions have been updated recently to work with the latest operating systems.

The latest PC software update (v2.3.0.439) is now available from the NZ Fire Behaviour Toolkit page of the Rural Fire Research website.

This Windows PC version of the Toolkit is comprised of a number of separate modules, each of which was developed for different purposes and levels of use, including the Fire Behaviour Calculator, Fire Behaviour Worksheet, Firebreak Effectiveness and Fire Intensity/Flame Length calculators, Fire Behaviour Rules of Thumb and Resource Productivity guides.

The PC version also incorporates an electronic version of the Guide to New Zealand Fuels. This is a technical guide for selecting the most appropriate fuel type for fire behaviour predictions. It provides users with a better understanding of how the fire behaviour models for various fuel types differ from one another, and will therefore aid in making the correct selection of fuel types for fire behaviour predictions.

An updated User Guide is also available for this PC version which includes instructions on how to install the software and utilise the various modules: NZ Fire Behaviour Toolkit User Guide. More details on software requirements, including operating systems supported and additional set-up files that may be required, can be found in the User Guide and on the Toolkit webpage.

Apple and Android smart phone versions have also been updated. These contain the Fire Behaviour Calculator/Worksheet component of the Toolkit. For users who already have these installed, if these have not updated automatically go to the Apple iTunes or Google Play app stores. More details can be found on the Fire Behaviour Calculator app page.

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