Two recent magazine articles on fire research


Two further articles were produced recently on Scion’s extreme fire research.

The first, “Pigeon Valley fire – New methods put to the test”, was published in the August 2019 issue of NZ Tree Grower magazine. This describes the research being undertaken to develop real-time fire prediction tools, and how they were used to provide operational support during the February 2019 Pigeon Valley wildfire near Nelson.

The second, “Combating the growing fire risk”, was published in the Building Research Association of New Zealand’s (BRANZ) Build magazine. Given the magazine’s scope, this focussed on the risk of wildfires to homes in the rural-urban interface, and the home design considerations that can help protect people and homes. It also described how Scion is developing research tools to help communities and firefighters.

As they are produced, new media items such as those above are added to the Scion Rural Fire Research team’s website on the News & Events – Related Links: Media Items page. Check out what else has been added recently!

Media items

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