Two new journal articles


Members of Scion’s Fire research team have had two journal papers published recently.

A paper by Andrea Grant, Mary Hart and Lisa Langer on “Integrating volunteering cultures in New Zealand’s multi-hazard environment” was published in Australian Journal of Emergency Management. This discusses some of the challenges associated with volunteering in NZ’s multi-hazards environment. In particular, it focuses on approaches that support informal volunteering and contribute to the resilience of rural communities in NZ. This work forms part of Scion’s social fire research, and was supported through the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges National Science Challenge.

The second paper, by Brenda Baillie and Karen Bayne, is on “The historical use of fire as a land management tool in New Zealand and the challenges for its continued use”. It has just been published online early by Landscape Ecology. This paper reviews the historical rural use of fire by Māori and Europeans, and discusses the challenges facing its future use in NZ as a land management tool. This work forms part of the project investigating use of fire as a tool in NZ, and follows publication of an earlier paper on attitudes towards use of fire, and report and summary on findings from a survey of fire use in NZ.

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