Scion research features in climate change coverage

Scion climate scientist, Nathanael Melia, was asked for comment recently on the fires in the Amazon basin. He provided comment for the Science Media Centre, and was also interviewed on Radio NZ. Nathanael made specific mention of the important role of tropical forests and effect of clouds in ameliorating the impacts of climate change, and therefore the effects of forest removal and changing land surface characteristics in accentuating it.

Interestingly, all the media hype around these latest Amazon fires wasn’t necessarily all truthful, accurate or factual! However, the fires were still significant, and worthy of reporting as a way of drawing attention to global forest loss.

Research conducted by Scion and NIWA into the effects of projected changes in fire danger for New Zealand also featured heavily in recent NZ Herald articles on impacts of climate change, including a piece specifically around increased fire risk.

This was part of the Covering Climate Now initiative, a global campaign by more than 170 international media organisations to draw attention to the issue of climate change ahead of a United Nations summit on 23 September.

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