More media coverage – risk of wildfires vs other hazards


The Scion fire team recently gained more media attention, with an article published in the January issue of North & South magazine (and online on Noted) on the risks from natural hazards to property in New Zealand. The story was also picked up by local newspapers via Stuff.

The article looked at the risk from wildfires (near the end of the article), as well as earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami (and coastal inundation from rising sea levels), and included a map depicting the areas of the country most at risk from these hazards.

For fire, this showed areas where fire risk is currently highest (Marlborough, Canterbury and Gisborne), as well as areas where fire risk is predicted to increase in future (such coastal Otago, Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa/Wellington and Whanganui), based on Scion’s research on changes in fire danger with climate change.

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