Fire programme receives gold!

Stubb IR imageCrop stubble research burn as viewed through infrared imaging.

Scion’s Extreme Fire research programme has been awarded a Gold rating by the Ministry for Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) for its performance and progress over the past 12 months. Less than 10% of the 250-some MBIE-funded programmes are awarded Gold, so this is a great achievement.

Each year, every research contract is required to submit an annual report on programme status and achievement against contracted milestones. At the end of the second year of its 5-year contract, the Extreme Fire research programme was acknowledged for:

  • Successful completion of the first phase of experimental burns (with 9 vs the contracted 3-4 crop stubble burns achieved)
  • International significance of the science underpinning the burn experiments
  • New tools developments, including the real-time tools suite linking systems for satellite and ground-based fire detection (SmartFire), fire growth prediction (Prometheus) and smoke modelling (BlueSky Framework)
  • Applications beyond wildfire, including smoke impacts of urban fires
  • Ongoing role in promoting learnings from the Port Hills and other recent rural-urban interface wildfires
  • Increasing international and national collaborations
  • Extensive end user engagement (described as some of the most passionate end users MBIE have seen!)

The Fire team is extremely grateful for the strong support it has had from research collaborators, end-users and land owners/managers which has allowed it to achieve this recognition.

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