Fire use survey findings

Farmer burning stubble

Scion’s Fire Research team has published another Rural Fire Research Update. Update #13 describes the findings from a survey on the use of fire as a land management tool in New Zealand. Fire is widely used for the removal of organic rubbish, invasive weed clearance, land preparation, grass growth regeneration and stock access improvement. But the practice is not without risk, as escapes from burns are common and smoke impacts are  major concerns.

The findings from the survey give a better understanding of the regional and audience differences in fire use practices and concerns. The data is being used to help develop targeted information and burn training courses that aim to reduce the adverse effects of fire, particularly effects of fire and smoke on human safety and health, as well as to help inform the general public as to why burning is taking place.

Read more about the study survey findings in Rural Fire Research Update 13, and the associated report.

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